Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet with Alarm System

Name:Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet with Alarm System

 Standard Size (L*W*H) mm: 

  • 600*450*1800  ( one cylinder ) 
  • 900*450*1800  ( two cylinder ) 
  • 1200*450*1800 ( three cylinder )
The size can be customized. 

Product Description

Product Description

Gas cylinder storage cabinets are main products for storage of gas cylinders in laboratory. Its function is for protecting the inside gas cylinder from the outside fire ,and the surroundings from the internal fire if any. The entire body of cabinet is made of high quality CRS plates, nice seamless body, good load capacity, easy to assemble and repair, and convenient to transport.

1.Body:Apply high quality cold rolled steel plates,treated with acid pickling and phosphating passivation,surface is coated by electrostatic spraying of epoxy powder to resist the acid, alkali and rusty.
2. Door:removable linkage,with perspective window in the door.
3. PASS hole:PASS hole on the both side of body,to ensure the fresh air flow inside.
4. Fixed belt:With fixed belt to keep the gas cylinder stabile.
5. Fold down ramp: Adjustable fold down ramp on the bottom,easy to load or unload the gas cylinder bottle in and out.(optional)
6. Handle :flush-mounted high-strength handle.
7. Alarm:Alarm device can identify: combustible gas (such as methane, acetylene, gas, hydrogen, etc.),using special combustible gas detectors,air diffusion sampling, when the cut-off point to a concentrationof chip set, will automatically alert.
8.Automatic exhaust system:Once the sensor detects the gas leakage and alerts,the exhaust fun on the topof cabinet will automatically works,and pump the gas outside the cabinet by though the pipe,to ensure theworking zone workers secure.
9. Special purpose alarm device is available according to the storage requirement ,more safety and reliability.

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